Top 3 Cooking Classes in St. Petersburg, FL

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With an abundance of top-class restaurants and a diverse culinary scene, St. Petersburg, Florida has established itself as a food haven. In addition, it attracts many culinary students because of its excellent cooking schools and classes. Regardless of the type of cooking style or techniques you wish to learn, you’ll be able to find a cooking class in the city that suits your preferences. Check out these top three cooking classes around St. Petersburg. kid cooking class

Boil Water Cooking School
If you’re just starting to learn how to cook, the Boil Water Cooking School is the ideal option for you. This school offers basic cooking lessons to help you become more confident in the kitchen. Conducted by registered dietitian and nutritionist Wendy Wesley, every lesson includes nutrition education.

At this cooking school, you’ll be taught cooking methods rather than recipes. From each cooking method, you can create five to six meals or more if you use your creativity. Over time, you can build a large repertoire of great-tasting, healthy meals. Some of the things you can learn include making your kitchen more efficient, preparing vegetables, buying and cooking seafood, making soup, pan sautéing, pan searing, and roasting and toasting.

Lessons can be conducted in your home or a group setting. Boiling Water Cooking School charges $35 per person for a group cooking lesson and $100 for a one-on-one cooking lesson at your home.

Cozymeal Cooking Classes
Cozymeal Cooking Classes sets itself apart from other cooking schools by encouraging its students to create unique dishes. It shows you how to prepare your favorite dishes in new ways or cook something that’s completely original. This cooking school has several accomplished chefs teaching a wide variety of cuisines, including American, Mexican, Italian, French, Indian, and Vietnamese. It also has lessons on specific cooking methods such as baking, cheese making, and cooking with superfoods.

Cozymeal Cooking Classes offers classes for individuals, couples, and groups. It’s located on West Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa, about 23 miles northeast of St. Petersburg. Fees for classes range from $55 to $120.

Tampa Culinary Arts School
If you’re planning to pursue a culinary career or just want to gain a new skill, consider enrolling in the Tampa Culinary Arts School. Situated at Parkside at Tampa Bay Park on North Himes Avenue in Tampa, this school offers two types of degrees: Diploma in Culinary Arts and Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts.

During the course, you’ll get an opportunity to hone your cooking skills in a modern professional kitchen and work with highly qualified cooking instructors and creatively driven students. The curriculum includes knife skills, proper use of kitchen tools, sanitation and safety procedures, culinary techniques, baking techniques, and a wide range of cuisines from around the world.

Cooking isn’t only a wonderful pastime that produces delicious meals; it’s also an interesting skill that can give you a great sense of achievement. Enrolling in one of the aforementioned cooking classes can lead you to a fun new hobby.

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