What to Expect from Maserati’s Electric Vehicles

July 26th, 2018 by

While many argue that all-electric sports cars are not nearly as powerful as those running on petrol or diesel, Maserati is aiming to prove the naysayers wrong with the latest addition to their lineup. Maserati is preparing the release of their full-electric Alfieri sports car.

What to Expect From the Alfieri

The Maserati Alfieri, set to be released in 2022, is going to be a fully electric vehicle and will compete directly with the Tesla S P100D. It’s rumored to have the top speed of 186 miles per hour. Its acceleration is perhaps the most impressive stat. The Alfieri can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in less than two seconds.

In addition to becoming the fastest electric vehicle on the market, it will also have a Ferrari NV transmission, an aluminum frame, and the option for a coupe or an open top version. Maserati has channeled the vintage models for its styling with a low-slung concave grill to make it look even sportier than their diesel models.

Why Is Maserati Going All-Electric?

CEO Sergio Marchionne has been known for his anti-electric comments in the past, but in 2017, his opinions changed. He admits that issues with diesel engines have shifted the conversation immensely. Many carmakers have been hit hard by allegations that they are cheating on their diesel emissions testing. As regulations become stricter with clean diesel emissions, sports car makers have been forced to look elsewhere for their power.

Marchionne has even admitted to considering turning Maserati into an all-electric brand after the release of the Alfieri. If all goes well, they may switch all of their models to electric vehicles in the next decade.

The electrification of Maserati is part of a larger plan to spread the top-class electrification technology to other brands owned by the umbrella company Fiat Chrysler. Marchionne mentioned in a call to the company’s investors that the plan is to bring electrification to half of the Fiat Chrysler vehicles in the next 10 years.

What Else Can We Expect From Maserati?

Maserati has mentioned that you can expect a new electric Maserati Levante SUV and a Quattroporte sedan. There is also talk of a smaller SUV that will be released in an all-electric version by Maserati. This is all said to be happening in the next five years.

You can expect to see some plug-in hybrid options available for the Quattroporte, Ghibli, and Levante that are set to release in the next five years as well. They will all offer drivers a three-motor, torque-vectoring all-wheel drive as well as an 800-volt battery for longer-distance driving.

Maserati hasn’t given the exact release date but mentioned that stock will be low, so you should start reserving a vehicle now to be one of the first to drive an all-electric Maserati. To learn more about the upcoming release dates for the Alfieri and how you can get your hands on one, head to Maserati of St. Petersburg today.

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