5 Things to Do Along the Tampa Riverwalk

July 31st, 2018 by

Tampa is one of the most exciting cities in Florida, offering so much to see and do that you may need to visit more than once to enjoy it all. However, if you want to experience Tampa while enjoying the gorgeous weather, then the best place to visit in the city is the famous Riverwalk. Here are a few of the best thing to do on the Tampa Riverwalk that will ensure you have a great time in this vibrant, welcoming city.

Relax With a Drink

One of the best ways to enjoy the Tampa Riverwalk is by grabbing a relaxing drink and doing some world-class people watching. While there are several top-notch bars on the Riverwalk, your best option is Play Away, a pop-up bar that is constantly moving around this popular waterfront location. Watch out for a gathering crowd, and you’ll find Play Away (and a good drink).

Experience Interesting Sea Life

Although there are a variety of popular spots on the Riverwalk, your best bet if you’re with children is the Florida Aquarium. Immediately recognizable thanks to its wave-shaped exterior, the Florida Aquarium provides interactive exhibits that are suitable for all ages.

While you’re at the Aquarium, stop by the Coral Reef exhibit, where you can see both an endangered sea turtle and tiger sharks. If you have snorkeling experience, you can also take part in the thrilling Swim with the Fishes program.

Sample Cuban Food

One of the best things about living in or visiting Tampa is being able to sample some delicious Cuban cuisine. When strolling along the Riverwalk, the best restaurant to visit is the Columbia Café. At this restaurant, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful waterfront views you’ve ever seen while chowing down on a mouth-watering Cuban sandwich. After finishing your Cuban meal, you’ll have the energy that you need to tackle the rest of the Riverwalk.

Spend Time on the Water

If you’re like most people visiting the Tampa Riverwalk, then you probably want to make sure that you can spend some time enjoying the water, which is why you should spend at least part of your day at the dock in Sail Pavilion.

Out of all the different activities on this portion of the Riverwalk, the best is renting a watercraft from the Tampa Water Bike Company so that you can zip around the water.

Go to the Park

When you find yourself getting a little too hot, you should stroll on over to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. This scenic outdoor area is a great place to relax along the Riverwalk and provides several shady spots where you can cool off before resuming your waterfront adventure. This park is also a great area to rent a kayak and go for a leisurely ride on the Hillsborough River. Whether you start or end your day on the Riverwalk at this park, you’ll be sure to have fun.

Make sure to participate in these activities, and you should be able to fully enjoy the amazing Tampa Riverwalk.