4 Outstanding Features of Maserati Warranties

September 6th, 2018 by

Maserati cars are well-engineered and reliable, but like any car, they can become more susceptible to mechanical problems over time. Since they’re relatively rare in the U.S., they can be comparatively more difficult and expensive to repair. Fortunately, Maserati offers generous warranties for all of its vehicles, allowing you to enjoy your car with absolute peace of mind for several years. Keep reading to find out about these four outstanding features of Maserati warranties.

New Car Limited Warranty
If you purchase a new Maserati vehicle in the U.S., you’ll receive a transferrable four-year or 50,000-mile warranty. This new car limited warranty includes a powertrain warranty, corrosion protection, and roadside assistance for the same duration.

Roadside Assistance
Maserati’s roadside assistance program is accessible 24/7 via a toll-free number. This program provides a wide range of services to help you deal with a breakdown, accident, dead battery, flat tire, loss or breakage of keys, or other situation that could cause your vehicle to be immobilized.

First, a recovery vehicle will be sent to your location to either fix the problem on the spot or tow your car to the nearest authorized Maserati repair shop or fuel station. If the authorized repair shop takes more than four hours to repair your vehicle, you’ll be provided with a replacement vehicle. The program also covers taxi service for picking up and sending back the replacement vehicle, homeward travel or hotel accommodation if the repair time exceeds 24 hours, transportation costs incurred in recovering the repaired vehicle, and repatriation of your car from abroad.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program
If you’re planning to buy a used Maserati vehicle, you may qualify for the CPO program. The CPO program extends the car’s warranty to six years from the original service date and includes unlimited mileage. The program covers a long list of components, including the engine, transmission, driveshaft and differential, suspension, brake system, steering, fuel system, cooling system, climate control system, and electrical components.

A used Maserati car must meet certain criteria in order to become a CPO vehicle. It must still be covered under its new car warranty and meet factory standards in terms of condition and service compliance.

Extended Warranty
Although Maserati North America doesn’t offer an extended warranty, you can get an extension at some Maserati dealerships. The extended warranty provides bumper-to-bumper and unlimited-mileage coverage for one or two more years. You must apply for the warranty before the expiry date of the original warranty. In addition, your vehicle must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for an extended warranty. These requirements may vary from one dealership to another.

If you already own or want to buy a Maserati vehicle, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand the coverage and services that come with the warranty. With a valid warranty, you don’t have to worry about repairs and certain emergency expenses so you can relax and enjoy your Maserati experience. If you don’t have a Maserati yet and want to take advantage of these excellent warranty benefits, schedule a test drive today.

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