4 Fun Facts About Maserati

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Maserati is one of the most famous Italian automotive manufacturers, delivering high-quality luxury automobiles. Although the brand is well-known today, the company has an interesting history that involves multiple instances of financial troubles and a major focus on race cars.

Race Car Manufacturer
When the Maserati automotive company was formed by members of the Maserati family, the focus was solely on race cars. The Maserati brothers had been working for another Italian automobile manufacturer, so they had quite a bit of experience in the racing industry. When the manufacturer they were working for decided to discontinue its line of race cars, the Maserati brothers stepped up to make their own line.

They also continued to compete in auto races, winning several titles in their own vehicles. The cars were driven by the winners of the Indianapolis 500 in 1939 and 1940. Maserati stopped participating in automobile racing after a tragic accident during a race in 1957.

Unique Symbol
The Maserati symbol is extremely iconic and easy to identify. It sits on every oversized, wide grille found on the front of all Maserati models. Although the symbol is a trident, its history actually comes from a fountain. A friend of the Maserati family suggested using this symbol, which was based on the Fountain of Neptune. This iconic fountain sits in the middle of a square in Bologna and represents Neptune, the God of the Sea and the God of Horses.

When the brothers decided to use this as the symbol for their brand, they believed that Neptune would represent the strength of their vehicles while also serving as a throwback to their home city.

Series of Financial Troubles
Over the years, the Maserati brand has encountered some financial struggles. In 1937, the family sold the company to Adolfo Orsi, although the brothers continued to work for Orsi for another decade. After purchasing the company, Orsi moved production from Bologna to his home city of Modena. The new location was closer to the manufacturer of the spark plugs used in the automobiles, as well as closer to Orsi’s steel plants, which helped him to make his fortune.

Maserati’s operations were also interrupted by both World War I and World War II, causing another financial struggle. After World War II ended, the company returned to manufacturing and was able to find success again.

Customized Cars
After launching the Maserati 3500 GT, the brand generated quite a bit of buzz. The Shah of Persia loved this model but wanted it to be customized for his needs. He requested that the company manufacture a version of the 3500 GT with a racing engine beneath its hood, which resulted in the manufacturing of the 5000 GT. Only 33 models of this vehicle were ever made, all of which were personalized for the exclusive group of buyers.

Although Maserati has changed its image since it was originally focused on race cars, the automobiles from this brand are some of the best you can buy. Visit Maserati of St. Petersburg to test drive one of these high-performance luxury models to experience just how much fun it can be to drive.

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