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With its finely tuned engineering and supercharged engine, it probably seems like your Maserati could drive forever, but even these powerhouse vehicles need some maintenance now and then. Staying on top of scheduled maintenance will help you get the most from your Maserati's performance and increase its resale value when it's time to sell - that is if you can ever bear to part with it.

Start your Maserati off on the right footing every time you get behind the wheel with tires that are properly inflated and appropriate for the season in which you're driving. You'll get the best grip for cornering while driving in high temperatures with a summer tire, which offers a chemical composition that stays firm on blazing asphalt and features a tread that delivers superior traction. An all-season or similar design will work nicely for other seasons of the year when rain or light snow becomes an issue. Your owner's manual or trained technician can suggest the correct tire size for your particular model.

Tire Changes and Rotations

Tire rotations are also a vital aspect of tire maintenance, extending the lifespan of your tires and helping to avoid areas of wear that cause the dreaded flat tire or blowout. It's also a good idea to have your car aligned each time you have a new set of tires installed. While alignments also help you avoid uneven tire wear, they also ensure that your steering wheel and tires line up correctly so that your steering remains true rather than veering off at a slight angle.

Oil Changes

Maintaining your engine correctly begins with regular oil changes. Every time your engine starts, microscopic metal dust from moving parts like the pistons sloughs off and is absorbed by your engine oil as it moves through various engine systems. Over time, this will act as a fine grit, scouring precision engine parts and damaging them. Keep your oil clean and always use the recommended blend to get the best engine performance you can from your vehicle.


While driving your Maserati on the open roads of Tampa and Sarasota is a thrill you may never want to end, you will have to come to a stop sometime, so maintaining your brakes is of paramount importance for safety. Your brake pads will wear at a rate commensurate with your driving style, anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 miles.

Regular inspections can catch small issues that might escape a driver's attention, like fraying hoses, a weakening battery, clogged engine filters, and low fluids. Not only will catching these things early help you avoid a surprise breakdown, but it will also save plenty of money by avoiding costly repairs. If you're taking your Maserati out daily, it's a good idea to have a multipoint inspection as often as you have the oil changed. If it's more of a weekend vehicle, an inspection once a year will be fine.

Long term maintenance for your Maserati is far easier to anticipate and plan. Replacing a timing belt follows a predictable schedule of every 50,000 miles or so, as do other repairs like servicing shocks and struts, replacing coolant and transfer case fluid, and installing new spark plugs.

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At our Maserati dealership in St. Petersburg, FL, our technicians are Maserati specialists. Certified training and plenty of real-world experience mean your vehicle is in the best hands whenever you visit. We always maintain the highest standards of vehicle care, including using manufacturer recommended parts and engine additives for every service and repair. Whether you're in Clearwater or Brandon, book your next service visit right on our website at a time that works with your busy schedule.

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